More Fast Transfers

2013 May 7
by Simba
Unbelievable!!! by Aleera*, on Flickr
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I have previously discussed too fast transfers from 78s. Age Akkerman has a well researched take on Di Sarli’s El ciruja which he found to be about 5% too fast on the Euro Records transfer.

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  1. 2013 May 7

    I talked with Carlos Fuentes of Euro Records last month in his offices. He is in poor health and doesn’t know how long he will be able to continue producing his exclusive compilations. No company like SONY is interested in distributing “old” music when they make more money with the new. Euro Records is a labor of love. He painstakingly transfers only the best recordings from his collection. If one tango is 5% fast, who is going to notice or complain? I’d rather have it too fast than too slow.

  2. 2013 May 7

    I, for one, am not complaining. The issues from Euro Records are among the best commercially available, and have been for years. Many tango lovers and tango djs always search for improved quality transfers, and it is a fact that many transfers are not recorded at the correct speed. What makes it difficult, though is that some records were possibly sped up a little on purpose, so finding the “correct” speed is non-trivial.

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