Here is a short meta update. The time for moving has come, both physically and technologywise. In a few months I will be moving back to my hometown, which happens to have a vibrant tango community. Looking forward to that. I do have some ideas for posts, but what little time I have for tango at the moment is spent actually dancing and djing. Also, this blog has moved, for a variety of reasons. [Read More]

Dancing to the music of time

But among so many lessons, with so many teachers, I find contradictions and clichés. My feet are shovels; my feet are paintbrushes. My feet must caress the floor, intensely; my feet are too firm against the floorboards. My embrace must be close, like the embrace of a lover; my embrace must leave space for the tension between us. I am a cat, I am a lion, I am a horse-rider. Carina tells me I need to work on my ochos. [Read More]