Los Estilos Fundamentales del Tango 2 | Francini-Pontier

2016 July 25

Video from the Francini-Pontier seminar is up: Enjoy!

Los Estilos Fundamentales del Tango 2 | Julio De Caro

2016 June 19

The video from the seminar last week on Julio De Caro is up. Enjoy!

Los Estilos Fundamentales del Tango Series 2 | Elementos Básicos

2016 May 22

Ignacio Varchausky is at it again with a new series of his excellent Los Estilos Fundamentales del Tango. Go there if you’re in Bs As, or listen/watch after the fact like the rest of us otherwise. Enjoy!

Dancing to the music of time

2016 January 29
by Simba

But among so many lessons, with so many teachers, I find contradictions and clichés. My feet are shovels; my feet are paintbrushes. My feet must caress the floor, intensely; my feet are too firm against the floorboards. My embrace must be close, like the embrace of a lover; my embrace must leave space for the tension between us. I am a cat, I am a lion, I am a horse-rider. Carina tells me I need to work on my ochos. “There is no such thing as an ocho,” says Oscar Casas, at our next lesson. There is only a change in direction, that’s all.

A refreshingly unclichéd take on dancing tango in Buenos Aires. (In Argentina, tango is a way of life, as Tara Isabella Burton discovered when she went to Buenos Aires, following in her grandmother’s footsteps, from Intelligent Life Magazine)

Los estilos fundamentales del tango por Ignacio Varchausky | Alfredo Gobbi

2015 October 26

The Gobbi seminar video is up!

Podestá Godoy, cantores | Documentary

2015 October 7

A new documentary on tango singers Alberto Podestá and Juan Carlos Godoy by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi looks interesting. Hope it gets released on dvd or video on demand.

HT: Janis

Los estilos fundamentales del tango por Ignacio Varchausky | Horacio Salgán

2015 September 19

This time with video. Enjoy!

Our Last Tango — Copes y Nieves

2015 September 10

Now this looks like something to look forward to:

In „Our Last Tango“ Juan and María tell their story to a group of young tango dancers and choreographers from Buenos Aires, who transform the most beautiful, moving and dramatic moments of Juan and Maria’s lives into incredible tango-choreographies.  These beautifully-shot choreographies compliment the soul-searching interviews and documentary moments of the film to make this an unforgettable journey into the heart of the tango.

Read more about Our Last Tango (Un tango más) here. Link to the trailer.

Los estilos fundamentales del tango por Ignacio Varchausky

2015 August 23


Ignacio Varchausky is doing a series of very interesting seminars on the style of different tango orchestras. Audio recordings of the seminars have been released with links in the facebook comments, and that means an opportunity to listen to them even when very lejos de Buenos Aires. They are in Spanish though, so you need to follow spoken Spanish reasonably well to make any use of it.

Apparently, they build on a seminar similar to the one that inspired this post on how to listen to tango, so you might want to check out that first, if you haven’t already. There is one seminar dedicated to a single orchestra and what characterizes their style. Highly recommended. Obviously, if you’re in Buenos Aires on September 16, you should go to Centro Cultural Lola Mora at 7 PM.

Ignacio encourages sharing these in one of the seminars, because the purpose of the seminars is to spread knowledge of tango. Of course, this is right up my alley, so I couldn’t resist. All the original download links can be found in the comments of the facebook event, but some of them will expire and some are very large files. Therefore, I host some more reasonably sized versions below (~50-100 MB each, choose between AAC/m4a or slightly smaller Opus versions):

Enjoy! ¡Espero que los disfruten!

0. Música (Opus version)

1. Carlos Di Sarli (Opus version)

2. Juan D’Arienzo (Opus version)

3. Osvaldo Pugliese (Opus version)

4.1 Aníbal Troilo 1/2 (Opus version)

4.2 Aníbal Troilo 2/2 (Opus version)

5. Horacio Salgán (YouTube video)

6. Alfredo Gobbi (YouTube video)

EDIT 2015-11-19: Added first seminar about tango music in general and links to the YouTube-videos of the Salgán and Gobbi seminars. Also, the original event at Facebook expired, and there is now a Facebook-group for the series of seminars, get ready for a second run of seminars in 2016!

EDIT 2016-05-22: The new series has started. First seminar: Elementos básicos (YouTube video)

EDIT 2016-06-19: Second seminar: Julio De Caro (YouTube video)

EDIT 2016-07-25: Third seminar: Francini-Pontier (YouTube video)

The Perfect Embrace

2015 February 14
by Simba
the dark side of the embrace by virgoh, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  virgoh 

Of course, this is nothing new to tango dancers, but understanding the mechanisms is interesting:

A caress feels best when it is delivered with a small amount of force and a speed of about 1 inch per second. Stroke slower, and it feels like an unwelcome crawling bug; faster, and it feels perfunctory rather than loving.

Perform your caress not on the glabrous skin of the palm or sole, but on the hairy skin of the limbs where the caress sensing fibers are found. Move your hand at about 1 inch per second, exert moderate force, don’t clutch a cold drink immediately beforehand, and you will optimally activate your partner’s caress-sensing fibers and then strongly excite the posterior insular region of your sweetheart’s brain. And for a moment, all will be right with the world.

Read the full article @ Slate.