El Papa Francisco

2013 March 31
by Simba

Apparently the new pope is a tango lover, and now he got his own tango. Composition and lyrics by Daniel Ursini. Courtesy of  Canciones para grabar.

Happy Easter, Papa Fracisco!

HT @milongaroom

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  1. 2013 March 31

    Hi! Thank you for your HT (: Saludos y Happy Easter! Anthony

  2. 2013 April 1

    Saludos desde Argentina la tierra natal del Papa Francisco.
    Gracias por compartir nuestro humilde tango.

    aqui les dejo otro link de otro de mis tangos
    se titula: “Se ve que nunca entendiste”


    I leave my comments using a translator:

    Greetings from Argentina’s homeland of Pope Francisco.
    Thanks for sharing our humble tango.

    here I leave another link to another of my tangos
    is titled: “It seems that you never understood”


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