2011 December 10
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by Simba

I think they make the point very clear.

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  1. 2011 December 10

    I doubt any of the world salon champions could do what Ricardo did so well. It only shows the difference between tango for exhibition and tango in the milongas.

    Thanks for posting this video.

  2. 2011 December 11

    I like the bit where he pushes the table along. Perhaps he could push it around a ronda?? 🙂

  3. 2011 December 11
    Chiri permalink

    I must agree with Chris on this one…. It’s lovely dancing. But dancing on the spot should be out of necessity, not choice.

  4. 2011 December 11

    Obviously, this is an exhibition diplaying their skills, and they are ignoring the ronda. After all, they are the only couple on the table.

    To me it’s mainly a humourous way to make the point that it’s indeed possible to dance on the spot. Not that it’s the most desirable way to dance tango.

  5. 2011 December 12
    matias permalink

    i attended the milonga on that evening. Ricardo is a living example of how to dance well in a milonga setting. his performances were fun to watch, but even more interesting for me was to see him dancing in `la ronda`, he used as much space as everybody else around him, beautifully expressing the music with simple steps. The dancers were lucky to have this kind of skill being displayed in their local milonga.

    btw, you can find great social dancing in Seoul, one of the best places outside Argentina, imo. i few reasons for their remarkable success:

    1. not a single Argentinean `teacher` residing in town.
    2. outstanding DJing.
    3. almost everybody dances exclusively closed embrace style.
    3. an enthusiastic crowd of mostly young people.
    4. men / women balance (guys have to work hard there to get good dances)


  6. 2011 December 12

    Thanks Matias, I don’t know why so many people seem to have difficulties distinguishing between performances and social dancing. Some of my most memorable experiences watching professional dancers have been watching them dancing socially in harmony with the rest of the crowd.

    I would love to come to dance in Seoul, I have danced with a couple of Korean dancers, and they were magnificent dancers.

  7. 2011 December 12

    Matias wrote: “his performances were fun to watch, but even more interesting for me was to see him dancing in `la ronda`

    Then I wonder why only the less interesting performances are posted on YouTube. And why they need to make what Simba calls “an exhibition displaying their skills“.

  8. 2011 December 12
    Anonimo permalink

    Chris, Ricardo pushed you out of the ronda? milongueros use to do that all the time with bad dancers. Shame on them!

  9. 2011 December 13

    Ricardo pushed you out of the ronda?

    Nah. I tripped over the corner of his table… 🙂

  10. 2012 January 6

    Chris, what did the world do to you? I’ve seen your bitter comments all over tango mailing lists and unfortunately I find them here too. Your comments against teachers are only the result of short sighted snap remarks coming from someone who obviously has never thought long and hard about how to convey ideas and concepts to others.

    Simba, unfortunately a lot of younger and famous dancers can’t dance socially. Just go to “hip” places in buenos aires and you’ll witness that everyone is dancing for show and intimidating people on the dance floor. Fortunately in buenos aires you still can find milongas where social dancing skills are required. And yes, the old dudes will push you out of the ronda if you’re screwing everybody up. Tough luck 🙂

  11. 2012 January 6

    Yet another identity-hiding commenter wrote:

    Chris, … Your comments against teachers are only the result of short sighted snap remarks…

    May I ask what makes you think it at all relevent that this performer is also a tango teacher? No-one even mention tango teachers here until you did.

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