Tango Recordings Through the Year

2011 April 5
by Simba

When were the different tangos recorded? From the 9233 unique recordings identified with exact recording date in the tango.info database we can see that not surprisingly there is low activity during summer, more specifically during January and February, it then picks up with peaks in June, September and December. Splitting the numbers over the decades makes a slightly more confusing picture.

If you want to check out the recordings for one specific date, there is now a nifty feature over at tango.info that will do just that for you: see for instance the recordings for today: http://www.tango.info/04-05 . Simply change the date at the end of the url for any day in tango.

Anyone cares to guess if there are any days with no recordings in the database, and if so, which dates?

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  1. 2011 April 6

    I wonder if many tango.info dates are actually release dates rather than recording dates, and hence the summer dip actually corresponds to seasonal variation in consumer demand.

  2. 2011 April 6

    @Chris: The dates are supposedly recording dates, but I suspect you could be right. That would alter the interpretation slightly, of course. I don’t know the lead time for 78s in Argentina during the golden age, but both recording and issuing/release would probably be lower during summer.

  3. 2011 April 6
    El Chupacabra permalink

    Where’s your error bars?

  4. 2011 April 7

    @Chupacabra: There are none. The plots simply show the total number of observations, think of them as histograms.

    Doing normalization and averaging could possibly be interesting. But since we’re not trying to do any prediction — the golden age ended about fifty years ago — I don’t think it’s worth the extra effort.

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