Gabriel Missé and Natalia Hills in NYTimes (Again)

I meant to post this a while ago, and was reminded when I saw the amazing video from a performance at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival. Coincidentally, I met the organizers in Buenos Aires last year, small world it is :-) But that’s not the point, the point is that The New York Times once again publishes an interesting read about Gabriel Missé and Natalia Hills (The first view is for free, then you hit the paywall):

(...) at several points the audience bursts into applause, in awe at some dazzling footwork. But I also adore the most basic ways in which they make the tango extraordinarily sensuous. The fundamental step is simply a walk, but a walk that links two people, apparently by destiny. (...) Their eyes seldom meet: they can dance with their brows touching and gaze lowered, or with Ms. Hills’s head nestling into the side of Mr. Missé’s neck, in the most intimate communion. Sometimes their bodies seem to touch all the way from brow to knee even as they march or glide along; sometimes there’s just enough space in their embrace for each to turn rapidly to either side, as when Ms. Hills wriggles responsively or when both dancers change directions, seemingly following conflicting impulses.

HT: Mariana/TP

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