2010 July 4
by Simba

The latest in tango fashion. Tell me it isn’t so…

From the product pages:

Either it’s after work, while studying or on a hung-over Sunday morning, this is a garment with a real statement:
– Who cares!

This has got to be the ultimate subversive fashion.

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  1. 2010 July 9

    I saw something similar the other day… something like the bottom part of those pajamas, and it looked like the girl wearing them had crapped her pants. That’s really what it looks like. You can bet I didn’t cabeceo her.
    But I can’t say I’m really walking the walk. A few months ago, I didn’t have time to go home, change and get my dancing shoes after I went to the beach, but I really wanted to go to this milonga, so I showed up in swim trunks and flip flops. Shame on me, I guess

  2. 2010 July 14

    When I first heard about these pajamas or what you like to call them, there was this sarcastic comment. She saw the motivation behind this dress as a means of removing work, to be able to be comfortable and relax completely, removing the tire of dressing up completely. The next logical step from this, she figured, would be to wear diapers…

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