Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

2010 March 11
by Simba
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I was dancing a nice tanda with a friend of a friend, and while it was not exactly my favorite music, we were doing fine. We were having a good time. There were lots of people dancing, nobody got hurt, and we were dancing peacefully among the other couples. So far so good…

I appreciated the festival organizers’ effort to give some extra credit to the djs. I belive they wanted to send a message. But as much as I love that the art of djing is seen as more important than it used to on the northern hemisphere, there is a flip side to it.  They had hired one of the most famous djs in Europe at the time, probably the most famous. He should know what he was doing.

Then it happened. I sensed something was wrong. This was several years back, so I didn’t instantly recognize it, but there was something strange with the music. It didn’t inspire. It didn’t fit in.

It wasn’t tango.

The dj was being clever. He had played a tango which has some kind of train imitating sounds, much like you find in some blues tunes. Funny. Why not match it with another song with similar sound?

Because it is a foxtrot, maybe?

Hello!? We are dancing tango, and you throw in a foxtrot? W.. T.. F..?

After dutifully finishing the tanda, I went for the exit. Completely threw me off the flow. On the way out, I saw the dj waving to the crowd, the crowd returned the gesture, doing the wave in return. I shivered, and went alone out in the rain, leaving my last festival behind.

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  1. 2010 March 13

    I feel your pain.

  2. 2010 March 16

    Thanks, I’m fine now. Almost. 😉

  3. 2010 March 17
    John Ellis permalink

    This is typical of smart arse d-j’s who try so hard to be different and end up playing stuff that is an insult to the dancers. It happens a lot in London, maybe it’s a European disease, but it happens in Australia too.

  4. 2010 March 17

    Just as with dancing, the djs need to hold back a little, I think. Resist the temptation to show off, because in the end they make fools of themselves and annoy dancers if they don’t.

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