Campeones mundiales de tango salon 2009: Hiroshi & Kyoko Yamao (JP)

2009 August 29
by Simba

I have wondered whether the Argentine would ever select a non-argentine couple to win the tango salon category. Now I know, the fabulous Japanese couple Hiroshi & Kyoko just won the first prize! Great dancers and great people! Felicitaciones!!!


2xtango got pictures and video from the last ronda with Hiroshi and Kyoko and a nice post about the winners. Also Hiroshi and Kyoko have some pictures at their blog (machine translated from Japanese). There is also a short notice in La Nacion.


YYQuest dug up a video of the new and old champions, so I substitute the illustration video for that. The original video here:

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  1. 2009 September 1

    The salon competition is for those who can please the judges. They all looked the same.

    Then there are the milongueros. All different.

  2. 2009 September 1

    Thanks for the link! Así se baila el tango..

    I guess it’s a problem inherent in this kind of competition, which is why I do have reservations myself. The milongueros don’t have to prove anything.

    The good thing about the competition is that it provides an opportunity for young and talented dancers.

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