Great tango shorts

2009 June 24
by Simba

None of these are exactly new, but Tanghi Argentini just became available on youtube about a week ago, thanks a lot to Janis for the tip! Nominated for the Academy Awards 2008 for best live action short:

And this animated one is not so light hearted, but no less romantic:

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  1. 2009 June 28

    From a page in an old Paris tango magazine, I came across this information about BLUE TANGO IN BUENOS AIRES, a documentary film by Alexandra Prusa (Switzerland 2004).

    For some sixth minutes, the scenario delivers diverse and extraordinary perspectives of buenos Aires city and its suburbs: in the typical dance halls and milongas, via orchestral rehearsals and brief encounters with the protagonists. Composed of five diurnal and nocturnal sequences, this strange audio-visual experience incarnates the characteristic daily world of a tango aficionado.

    With its movement, the camera is transformed into an eye, capturing the regard and personalities of the observers who find themselves embarked on an unexpected voyage in a multitudimensional world of tango. They also find themselves penetrating, as if by force, into the feelings of the protagonists.

    The images are enriched by a music soundtrack from CD Broken Dreams, extracts of live music and short interviews with various characters of the tango scene such as the portenos, the hundred-year-old Carmencita Calderon, some of the most beautiful tango dancers in the world, and other captivating characters.

    The five film chapters are separated by original video clips and new songs which represent the various stages of a love affair.

  2. 2009 June 29

    Sounds interesting. I found it for sale here, but it’s rather pricey, even for a fanatic like me — 68 CHF. Blue tango in Buenos Aires at imdb.

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