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Ladies and gentlemen, please take your s by atomicjeep, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by  atomicjeep

I was planning to write a separate post for each of those, but I never seem to find the time… The recent posts by tangocommuter prompted me to write up this list of my favorite tango films. I never was all that interestesd in instructional videos, but films about the  culture I find fascinating.  In our small community we arranged public showings in an informal tango film club to make these gems available to the rest of the community. Not very many showed up, but it was a small and enthusiastic regular crowd. So here is the list, with links to where to get them.

See it, and see it again! > > _Maestro J. Dispari on Tango: bayle nuestro_ > >

Documentaries (mostly) about dancing

Documentaries mostly about music

Feature films

Classic references

Stay away from

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