Color — like no other

2009 February 26

The world is not black and white, there are grays in between… it is often said when some take a clear position in a debate. And they do have a point of course. But they also sometimes miss the point entirely.

Tango is not gray, it is full of colour! You just have to open your eyes and take them in.

I am thinking of the “nuevo” versus “traditional” debate, of course. I sometimes wonder if it is not rather a distinction between seeing tango as culture or tango as movement that distinguishes the “purists/traditionalists” from the “nuevo” crowd.

Open your eyes to the richness of tango culture, and you will see it is not a matter of black or white, but of lots of colors. Some brilliand and stark, others soft and subtle. Some murkey and others ugly and dim. And yes — I do prefer some colours and combinations to others.

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