Urban dance

Buenos Aires at Night by lrargerich, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by  lrargerich

Tango is and always was a very urban culture. The dance even more so. Sometimes visitors to Buenos Aires that are tango dancers somehow expect everybody they meet to be a dancer, and taxi drivers to know all the milongas by name.

Not so.

Even in Buenos Aires, tango dancing is very much a niche activity, and the world of the milongas is very small even in the great city with millions of inhabitants. And creating and sustaining a tango scene in a small town next to the north pole is indeed an uphill battle. It requires a certain amount of crazy people to gather week after week in order to listen to grandparents music. And not even their own grandparents…

But where the pool of people reaches a critical size, the tango scene takes on a life of itself. Everywhere else, it needs to be kept alive by someone particularly crazy.

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