Un beso...

kiss on the cheek by Kevin Steele, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License by  Kevin Steele

Buenos Aires is not like home. And when in Rome, drive like the Romans…

And the Argentines kiss when they meet. Better get used to it.

(...) would lean over, ready to commit the act that, I thought, was reserved only for girlfriends and, on occasion, family.

This guy used a few months it seems, but has written a really entertaining account of the argentinian kissing habits. With special attention to male kissing.

Wikipedia also has rich coverage of the topic, and the Freakonomics blog wonders how kissing rules change. Who decides?

Up north, where I live, people are generally very afraid of touching other persons, unless part of the closer circle as the quote mentions. Which makes it kind of hard to to learn how to dance tango. Cheek to cheek, as it is supposed to be.

Lately, we have used the exotic Argentine greeting habits in class to break the ice. We had everybody greet each other “the Argentinian way”. People hesitated at first, but as they moved around the circle (everybody greeting all potential partners), the tension gradually receded, and they ended up less afraid to touch each other, and possibly also remembered a few names. A nice start for their tango career.

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