The Wall Street Bull by herval, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by  herval

I just heard this story, and found it hilarious, about a dancer complaining to the dj. The conversation went something like this:

-Ur music sux, man! -Allriiiight... which song would you like me to play? -! -Just name one song you would like me to play... -!! -Sooo... you don't actually know any songs, do you...

Needless to say; before complaing, you ought to know what you are talking about.. This is valid the other way around also, naturally. There was a discussion on the tangodj mailing list about most weird request. Quite funny reading. And also quite revealing. Maybe (we) djs don’t really know everything always… This conversation possibly went something like this (dramatized by yours truly):

-Hey, I just love La Tupungatina, can you play it, pleeeease! -Uh, Tunga Pinta? (...) (mumbling... wtf?) -Yeah, you know, with Pugliese..? -Uuuhhm, I don't have it with ANY orchestra... (mumbling again... Hellooo?) -Nevermind
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