Waiting for the right moment

Puppets #9 Waiting by just.Luc, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  just.Luc

> > -I see a lot of men are not dancing. They can't manage to dance when the floor is so full of people. > > > > -It may not be because of lack of ability. It may be because they enjoy the dance more when the floor is not packed and they can more around the floor in their dance. Maybe they are waiting for their favorite music. > >

One friend commented on me and my wife sitting a lot more in the milongas than we used to after our longest stay in Buenos Aires.

I do remember the urge to dance every second of the milonga, afraid I might miss something. I do not miss those days. Limerick states this brilliantly in his post about the two bulls.

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