Putting the baby to sleep

I quite recently became a father, and the poor child is exposed to a lot of tango music, naturally. (And I get out to dance less, hence the blog writing.) Before he was born, I used to talk about how we would practice walking together, he and I. Now this is how it turned out:

The scene: Unpatiant 12 days old boy, waiting for his mother to get ready for breast-feeding. Father to find something to entertain the child, and preferably also himself in the meantime. Time for tango. Di Sarli’s Nido Gaucho on the stereo, practicing the tango walk.

The boy seemed to enjoy the experience, I would say. Not as big eyes as with the milonga a few days earlyer (yes - really). After one tango and a half, he became more quiet. A few other songs from the same album, then the Porteño y bailarín album from the start. The boy fell asleep in my arms. And I got to practice my walk.

The funny thing about this, is that having a baby in your arms, getting it to sleep is a quite common metaphor for the way the woman should be held in the embrace. Soft, yet firm and secure.  I know at least El “Negro” Capello and Javier Rodríguez have used this metaphor. The thing is, I spent quite a lot of time practicing my tango embrace, but not making babies sleep. I got the idea, of course, but now I could apply the metaphor in the reverse direction, using my tango skills to get the boy to sleep.

Needless to say, I fell asleep quite happily that night myself.

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