Confiteria La Ideal en BBC

2008 September 23

Another good documentary about tango. I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the interesting scenes are available on youtube, but the documentary itself was quite hard to get hold of. As far as I could determine, it is not available for sale, not even on ebay, so you better know one of them pirates or use your imagination 😉

I am quite impressed by how ordinary dancers are able to express what tango means to them. I always find it hard to describe what in tango I love so much or why I came to be obsessed with tango.

And it made me long for Buenos Aires. A lot. And that hurt. But it was still a good experience, a tango experience I suppose.

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  1. 2010 April 29
    La Tanguera permalink

    This documentary is now available on DVD in the UK under the name ‘The Tango Salon”

  2. 2010 April 29

    @La Tanguera: Thanks, it seems to be available for instance at

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