Listening to the music

What is good musicality?

Countless workshops are offered, people discuss who is dancing more musical or who doesn’t get it. But not easy to define. So without trying to get to the bottom of it, some reflexions are in place.

I heard quite often after dancing for a few years that I was dancing musically, which of course made me happy. Who wouldn’t like to dance musically? Of course it could be just to be polite and not mentioning my other more obvious shortcomings, but I think that even if my musicality was not very good or mature, at least I was:

  1. Listening to the music

  2. Stepping on the beat

Which doesn’t seem to be much, but when watching the dance floor in many places, a lot of people actually do neither. Which I find very strange, and explains why it is possible to stand out only by having the basics covered. Why people go dancing year after year without listening to the music, however, is simply beyond me.

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