More or less?

To quote Mies van der Rohe, less is more.  As in architecture, this is very true in tango, I think. I was always accused of being subtle in my dancing (I always suspected it to be a euphemism for unclear, vague or not present). To my great surprise, after many years learning to dance the milonga  - yes learning the milonga, more on this later - one of the things I really had to work on being more subtle. Using less force, being more precise. Not easy, but greatly rewarding. Finally getting it literally transformed my dancing, not only the milonga.

So which will it be, more or less? Clarity is the clue I think. Not more, not less, the right amount. Of everything. Exactly and approximately.

In the words of maestro D:

_-If you learn everything more or less [mas o menos], your dancing will be more or less [mas o menos]. _
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