Fresh Supplies

by Simba tango A box of goodies was waiting for me when I got back from work this afternoon: Cruz de Malta, Rosamonte mate…. and Salamandra Dulce de Leche.. I ended up buying from, it just took a few days, and the price all included was somewhere around 1o-12 dollars a kg. Which is a lot more reasonable than going on buying the world’s most expensive yerba. [Read More]

The World's Most Expensive Yerba?

by Benjamin Pender We always bringyerba mate back from Buenos Aires. It has become another habit as a biproduct of the passion for tango. Everywhere you will see porteños with their little thermoses and the cup with a metal straw, the bombilla, sipping away. In the queue, in the park, on the bus, in tango classes etc etc. Anyway — we ran out of the stuff after a couple of months after our return, and went to the specialist tea and coffee store in town. [Read More]