I have this weird interest in the popular culture image of tango, for a large part constituted by various more or less successful renditions of the tango on the silver screen. As a matter of fact I have been looking for this particular rendition since I saw still photos in the tango book by Collier et al. And thanks to Tangocommuter, I realized Valentino (1977) by Ken Russell was released on DVD. [Read More]


Ever since I started dancing, the topic of tango clichés has fascinated me. The rose in mouth, castanets, head flicks, dramatic poses are all parts of what usually pops into people’s heads when they hear the word tango. Where did they come from, and why did they stick? Going through a lot of Hollywood production at least gives a partial answer, and Rudolph Valentino is one of the people to blame, the rose in mouth appears in the film Blood and sand, where he plays a bullfighter, while the film he dances the tango is _Four horsemen of the apocalypse. [Read More]