Your most underrated skill set

eye-contactEye contact. According to American Airlines. Funny coincidence I saw this ad just a couple of days before we left for Buenos Aires, as we were flying AA. The photo is taken in San Telmo if I am not mistaken.

Does this mean AA know the cabeceo?

They canceled our flight, by the way, and the car seat did not fit in the seat, and they put us in the very back, so I can’t say we were very happy with them, hence no temptation to think it was destiny or anything…

Going, going, and...

Día de la bandera Argentina by Koluso, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  Koluso

The airplane takes off with a roar.

Passing over woods.

Passing over cities.

Passing over lakes.

Passing over farmlands.

Passing over oceans.

Leaving a white stripe in the clear blue sky.



And gooone.

Go before it's too late

When should you go to Buenos Aires?I would say: as soon as possible. Go before it’s too late! You will gain nothing by waiting. You will not be good enough, anyway ;-) But do by all means go! If you wait until you are ready, you risk missing out on the entire thing. Going to milongas in your neighborhood, you will believe you improve to become a good dancer, and that you know what tango is about. [Read More]