12 tangos

Just ordered the new documentary 12 tangos. Will be very interesting to see, it also claims to be a Buena Vista Tango Club, so a shootout between 12 tangos and Cafe de los maestros. 12 tangos has a great advantage in being actually available.

I will get back to it later, in the meantime, the trailer:


Café de los maestros

Always looking out for new films about tango, both dance and music, I must say I am really looking forward to this one: Café de los maestros. It has been described as the tango equivalent to the _Buena Vista Social Club. I already got the soundtrack, so I know the music is excellent. Can’t wait to see it. _ When oh when will it become available on DVD? It will never be shown on the silver screen where I live I’m afraid. [Read More]