DJing again

by The unnamed After a break of almost two years, I’m djing again this Weekend. I must say I look forward to it, knowing I will like the music at the milonga is always nice ;-) I got so much new music that I’m eager to use. While setting up my computer again (which was reinstalled after a breakdown a year ago) and doing some preparations, I listened to some of my favorite music, which was really nice, too. [Read More]

fb2k for the tangoDJ

fubar by duncan, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License by  duncan Foobar2000 just came out in version 0.9.6, making it a lot easier to configure for tangodjing purposes. I have written a short guide on how to configure fb2k for the tangoDJ. I will update the main article with new information, and suggestions for improvements are most welcome.