The 'Inventor of Jazz' Plays the Tango

–There is this guy…. and he plays the tango, too. I was at a Christmas party, sharing table with a guy that was writing his thesis on stride piano or pianists. Somehow the topic of tango had come up (strange, isn’t it?), and he was delighted to enlighten me about this early tango reference in American music. He promised to make me a copy, but that never materialized. Nevertheless, I managed to track down the recordings myself. [Read More]

Quality and snobs

by 96dpi Food (and drinks) metaphors for tango seem to be popular lately, so here in another one: My brother and I have two very distinct wine quality stories that I find very amusing when seen together. Each involves a young woman, at the age where going to parties and flirting with alcohol is at its most exciting, somewhere just before or just after going to university. #1: A rather simple red wine was served with the main dish at a dinner party with the entire class of that year. [Read More]


by Kanaka’s Paradise Life in Hawaii If you have to ask, you will never know. _Luis Armstrong when asked 'what is jazz?'_ –You see, that is not the way to make it ‘swing’ in tango. I was looking out onto the group of people standing around us with question marks painted all over their faces. –Well, I don’t know the right word, but the corresponding to swing in tango. [Read More]

The dual nature of tango

by airpark I often wonder why tango is so attractive, why I (and others with me) got so obsessed with it. Why we never tire of it. In part, I think it has to do with the infinite depth that can be found within it, and part of the source of this I believe is the dual nature of tango, or its apparent paradoxes. Making it difficult to explain or describe what tango is and isn’t. [Read More]

White powder vs. Tango Argentino

Powder Mountain Perspective from Ian Provo on Vimeo. Common (could be pro or con, depending…): Balance Rhythm Dissociation Improvisation Flow Max 12 min. rush Addictive Skiing pros Fresh air Beautiful mountains Keeps you in shape Skiing cons Avalanches Weather dependent Cold, dress accordingly Tough ascents Heavy on the knees Practical clothing [Read More]


Who are you when you are dancing? Are you the leader? The follower? The man? The woman? I was once confronted with my using the terminology man/woman in class. The person complaining said that she was dancing a role (she was dancing the man’s part) and that was the role of the leader. I know this easily gets messy, but I never liked the euphemism leader/follower when what we are talking about is a man and a woman in most cases. [Read More]

Why so serious?

Sometimes people are complaining that tango dancers are oh so serious. Never smiling or laughing. Relax, and have som fun, why so serious? For me, I have always had a hard time agreeing on tango being fun. Of course it can be great fun, especially milonga, but not primarily fun. Fun actually has very little to do with it. That is not to say that I do not enjoy tango, on the contrary, I enjoy it very much. [Read More]

More on less

I just read an interview with this year’s campeones, Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa (congratulations, and nice to see Neri & Yanina did well also :-) - Well, he quoted old milonguero wisdom: El que menos hace, a veces es el que hace más Which means something like, the one who does less, sometimes is the one that does more. (Forgive my translation, neither Spanish nor English is my native language). [Read More]