Los estilos fundamentales del tango por Ignacio Varchausky

Ignacio Varchausky is doing a series of very interesting seminars on the style of different tango orchestras. Audio recordings of the seminars have been released with links in the facebook comments, and that means an opportunity to listen to them even when very lejos de Buenos Aires. They are in Spanish though, so you need to follow spoken Spanish reasonably well to make any use of it. Apparently, they build on a seminar similar to the one that inspired this post on how to listen to tango, so you might want to check out that first, if you haven’t already. [Read More]

Classics of Tango Dance Music on Spotify

I believe the only way to come to understand the tango is by listening a lot to tango music. Music appreciation classes are all great, but no substitute for putting in hours and hours of listening. For our beginning classes we have always encouraged our students to start listening to tango music right away. We used to give them a free cd, but while feeling quite ok about this morally, it was a bit on the gray side, legally. [Read More]

What to listen for in tango

by ~Oryctes~ Knowing what to listen for can greatly improve how much you appreciate music. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Ignacio Varchausky on listening to tango music. It was very interesting, and it turned out that it corresponded with a post I was planning to write as soon as I got back to my copy of Aaron Copland’s What to listen for in music. [Read More]

The structure of a tango, choreography and how it might improve your dancing

by aperte If you prefer your naïve, pure emotional interpretation of the tango, you might not want to read this. If, on the other hand you think that knowing a little about how tango music is organized might increase the breadth or depth of your musical appreciation, then this could be for you. Like Tangocommuter writes in the discussion of how a tango became approximately three minutes long, a prototypical tango has the structure ABA: [Read More]

--A labour of love that needs more lovers

by alexkerhead Man of action. Man of ambition: [Tango Vía](http://www.tangovia.org/), the organization this tango double-bass player from the famous [Orquesta El Arranque](http://www.orquestaelarranque.com.ar) presides, is up to nothing less than archiving every single tango recording in a super-high definition, archive-grade digital format, following strict technical processing that will drastically enhance the sound quality to make it an almost-perfect match to the pristine original. [Buenos Aires Herald](http://buenosairesherald.com/PrintedEdition/View/4262) Wonder how we could help them succeed with this project, arranging some sort of fund raiser or something? [Read More]

'New' tango music on eMusic

by emilybean Just as I was seriously considering quitting eMusic for good – they deleted my plan, essentially making it more expensive, after I forgot using my credits in time, they just added a load of tango albums, making it somewhat tempting to stay a while longer anyways. Several of the ‘Grandes del Tango’ albums published by Lantower were recently added and also some others. They also changed it so you can buy an entire album for 12 credits, which works out well for tango albums often with 20+ songs. [Read More]