Yes honey, but is it tango?

Roy Lichtenstein: Girl with Ribbon (1965) There is always a lot of fuzz in the tango communities of the world about what is the right tango. And rightly so. There is good and there is bad tango. But in the middle of these heated arguments, we need to remind ourselves of one thing. Tango culture is rich. There is a lot of diversity in tango. Tango is not only dance. It is also music for listening. [Read More]

Shut up and listen! (II)

by Carol Esther My previous post got me going on the habit that some dancers have of talking while dancing. Just stop it, ok? How can you possibly be listening to the music when you are talking at the same time? The conversation is going on in the dance, remember? And even if you somehow manage to do both at the same time, you are disturbing the others on the floor. [Read More]