Cachafaz alfajores

Did you ever get the alfajores of Havanna in Buenos Aires recommended? And they did not live up to your expectations? Well, maybe I can tell you why. First, an alfajor is a sort of biscuit or cookie, normally two layers with dulce de leche in between. They exist in different varieties, the main ones are the ones covered with chocolate, and the ones of maizena (of which I prefer the latter). [Read More]

Super super dulce...

httpv:// The Argentines are crazy about sweets, and so will you be after staying there for a while. Take care, the alfajores de Havanna are dangerously good. The cones are for the conoisseurs… httpv:// And while you are relaxing before going out for the milongas, they got a tv show just for making sweets and desserts, called super dulce. I did not find it on youtube, the theme song is hilarious, and you can find a short sample on the super dulce home page. [Read More]