More De Caro

Danza y Movimiento have released anotherbatch of De Caro collections. In addition to the places they were available the last time, they are also available on Spotify (links below). I haven’t had time to listen carefully yet, but the few I have listened to seem to be transferred at the correct speed (unlike some of the older ones). Just in time for the upcoming día del tango. Enjoy: Mocosita (#153) [Read More]

Baroque Zamba

Going to Argentina for the tango, you end up falling in love with other things Argentine as well. One of these things is the Zamba, not to be confused with its Brazilian homonym homophone. Imagine the surprised look on Simba’s face listening to a radio show reviewing some new ‘classical’ releases. Suddenly they play an Argentine Zamba, or at least something very similar. The cd in question was the new release from the Clematis Ensemble with music by composer Mateo Romero. [Read More]

Classics of Tango Dance Music on Spotify

I believe the only way to come to understand the tango is by listening a lot to tango music. Music appreciation classes are all great, but no substitute for putting in hours and hours of listening. For our beginning classes we have always encouraged our students to start listening to tango music right away. We used to give them a free cd, but while feeling quite ok about this morally, it was a bit on the gray side, legally. [Read More]