Improved Loudness Correction With EBU R128

by┬áNiels Linneberg Music mastered at different levels can be a pain when you’re a dj, as well as when listening to music at home. The great differences in loudness levels is in part due to what is sometimes called the “Loudness War”, but sometimes it is just inconsistent between different issuers. As long as you listen to a CD/compilation as it was designed from the issuer, there is no problem, it is when you start mixing tracks from different sources that the volume starts jumping up and down… [Read More]

Volume adjustments for tango music

There was some discussion on the tangodj mailing list about the use of Replay Gain for tango music. I have used it for several years, and found it to be immensely useful. As you can see from the histogram above, the loudness of cd releases varies a lot, and Replay Gain makes automatic adjustments to make the loundess more or less the same. It does a lot better than I do, that’s for sure, and frees up time for the more interesting parts of the djing. [Read More]