Advanced Body Mechanics and Other Buzzwords

Clearly, they got something out of all these body mechanics workshops… There is something about the fluffy prose of the tango advertising that is either funny or tragic. Maybe both. Why is it that the ones teaching ‘quality of movement’ have nothing of the sort? What exactly is ‘organic tango’? (Tango Voice does a great job in dissecting that term). What about ‘body mechanics’? Apparently these are often used together. [Read More]

Look! No hands!

by mag3737 There seems to be a common misunderstanding that you are not supposed to use your arms when dancing tango. That is wrong on so many levels. I can see where it comes from, as it is a common mistake among beginners to do try leading with their hands, and not using the rest of their bodies. But one thing is to make point to beginners and quite another to elevate it to a universal truth. [Read More]

How less becomes more

by hooverine There was something she said that stayed with me. So well put. ‘When he leads a step, say backwards for the woman’, Graciela said, ‘then there is one possibility: going backwards. There are not three possible steps. Not three, not two. One.’ All the time I see so called ‘advanced’ dancers, throwing their partners around, the women looking like nervous chicken trying to guess the right thing to do for each and every step. [Read More]

What's in a name?

by ricmcarthur There is this new milonga in the the town I grew up, and of all things they have called it La colgada. Now, that gives me all the wrong associations when it comes to a milonga, but from how I know the tango scene there, I guess it is merely truth in advertising. But come on, naming a milonga after a step/figure? Why on earth would you do that? [Read More]

Stuff without the stuff

by?Simba tango There was a discussion on the tango dj mailing list a while ago about people wanting “stuff without the stuff”. In other words, tango (dance) without tango (music). An oxymoron, one would think. Stephen Brown put it so well with his little story: A number of years ago, I was in a coffee shop that offered coffee prepared many different ways. One of the ways was decaffeinated coffee with artificial sweetener and artificial cream. [Read More]


marathon sacrifice by darkmatter, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by  darkmatter

So what’s with this marathon thing that seems to be spreading across Europe? I never found anything positive about marathons, running and sweating for hours on asphalt with no break and being totally destroyed afterwards?

Of course, people may dance as they like. Myself, I prefer a nice milonga, champagne at the table, nice and clean clothes, nice and calm. Having a ball. Walking.

Top 40

by Ger Audrey I loved the think top 40 part of Alex’ rant after attending a festival. The dj should think hits, hits and more hits to please the dancers. And maybe throw in a little surprise. Not all the time, but we need a little variation. But in general, play the good stuff. People are not interested in you digging up some weird music that you think maybe will work for tango. [Read More]

Chasing cucarachas

by seretuaccidente Speaking of lack of finesse… What’s with the watching the floor all the time, checking the floor before each step, head moving from side to side, constantly, as if chasing cucarachas. I did not come up with this description myself, but it is very fitting, I think. Whoever came up with this new ‘style’ (or rather lack thereof)? Somebody near them should tell them that it looks ridiculous. [Read More]

Shut up and listen! (II)

by Carol Esther My previous post got me going on the habit that some dancers have of talking while dancing. Just stop it, ok? How can you possibly be listening to the music when you are talking at the same time? The conversation is going on in the dance, remember? And even if you somehow manage to do both at the same time, you are disturbing the others on the floor. [Read More]

Salón Canning

I realize that the guys at Movement invites movement are not afraid of provocation, but I think they suffer a tiny bit from a syndrome often associated with Gringos, shooting from the waist. In their rant abot Canning, they fail to recognize a few important reasons Canning has such an important position. Aside from being one of the very best floors in the city (maybe the very best), it attracts many excellent dancers. [Read More]