Vero Tango Quotes

During a class. "Good. Now that you know the move, try to enjoy it." "What?" "Enjoy it!" "Oh shit."



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"Those who don't understand [Tango] are condemned to reinvent it, poorly." > > – Henry Spencer (about Unix) > >

I believe Miguel Angel Zotto to have said something along the same lines, that if you do not understand tango, how can you possibly improve it? I can’t seem to find the reference, though.

Gavito Dixit

Gavito Dixit I ¿Bailaste el tango de tu vida esta noche? No bailes más… El tangauta #129 Gavito Dixit II El tango está entre paso y paso, allí donde se escuchan los silencios y cantan las musas. El tangauta #130 Gavito Dixit III El hombre debe saber que baila para ella,y al hacerlo, hace que ella se vea como una reina. Sólo así será el rey. El tangauta #131 [Read More]