Reviving the art of improvisation

by paula moya As a nice apropos to the recent discussion I had with Tangocommuter about improvisation in tango, there is an interesting article in the current issue of The New Yorker about the possible return of the improvised cadenza in western art music: The art of embellishment—improvising cadenzas, adding ornaments, taking other opportunities for creativity in performance—is a hot topic in classical music these days. For generations, conservatories preached absolute fidelity to the score: do what the composer wrote and nothing more. [Read More]


I was so excited to see how it worked out with Stella and Javier on their tour this year. And this is just soooo beautiful! My piano teacher used to tell me when I practiced the hard parts: don’t forget breathing! This left me breathless, so dear reader, unless you can keep your breath for three minutes: don’t forget breathing!

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It can be fun, too!

Just because tango can be deep and serious, doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun, too.

I remember learning very early about the three musical genres: milonga was fun, tango serious and vals about love…

…so no coincidence that two out of three are milongas:




Roxana y Sebastián

I just found these videos with Roxana and Sebastián, aren’t they wonderful!