I some times muse over the multiple levels of nostalgia in tango. Today we are (at least to some degree) nostalgic about the golden age of tango, peaking in the 1940s. Tango, of course, was already nostalgic about the turn of the century during the golden age. Now, I always thought of this as layered or maybe even recursive nostalgia, beging nostalgic about the nostalgia of the 1940s. Add the nostalgia being a long way from Buenos Aires and longing back to being nostalgic about how they were nostalgic about the fin de ciecle in the golden age, and you get the picture… Even the nostalgia was better in the old days. [Read More]

Death of the Prodigy dancer

by Mickal Tango is full of nostalgia, even sentimentality. We long for the times that were. Even sentimentality was better in the 40s. How can it be for the real milongueros, who were young in that time? Not to say it is the same, but the thought struck me the other day. I just bought the new Prodigy album, playing it loud and dancing around the kitchen. (I do this a lot, usually to tango music these days) This was the music of my youth, when we went out to party, that was the best. [Read More]