What to listen for in tango

by ~Oryctes~ Knowing what to listen for can greatly improve how much you appreciate music. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Ignacio Varchausky on listening to tango music. It was very interesting, and it turned out that it corresponded with a post I was planning to write as soon as I got back to my copy of Aaron Copland’s What to listen for in music. [Read More]

Why we never tire of tango music

by nadworks Tango music for the non-argentine 21st century tango lover is often something of an acquired taste. At least for tango dancers. The recordings are old, the music sounds strange, we don’t understand the lyrics – but we love the dance… After some time, we get more into the music, it all changes, and we become total fanáticos de tango, we can never get enough of the classics of tango music. [Read More]