How to organize a Milonga

by Chris and Sue Starting a milonga is easy, right? You just need a place to dance, put some music on, and there you go… …well not exactly. There are lots of small and not so small details that work together to create a good environment for social dancing. Based on my experience as organizer of both unsuccessful events and much more successful events and experience from various milongas and practicas over the world, I attempt to gather some advice on how to approximate the authentic milonga in your own community. [Read More]

The real stuff

by oed Ah -- you dance **real** milonga (echte Milonga). After struggling with my milonga for years, this was the ultimate sign I was finally getting somewhere. And one of my favorite compliments ever. I got a tip from the Argentine host to ask this woman to dance, he thought I should dance with someone good. So I did. And was not disappointed. Starting almost right out with a milonga, which would have terrified me only a year earlier. [Read More]

Entering the milonga

by Untitled blue The moment or should I say process of entering a milonga is very special for me. I think savoring the moment is something very important in tango, and for me it starts at the moment I am standing outside the milonga entrance. There is a certain amount of expectation for the night even before, of course, but this is when I really start enjoying the sensation. [Read More]