Follow the leader?

Johanna’s comment and her subsequent post on leads and follows inspired me to write an entire post in addition to the comment in her blog. In her post (and follow-up) she argues why you would want to use the terms lead and follow for the two dancers in a tango embrace, and discuss howthey are surrounded with angst. I find it to be the terms man and woman that are surrounded by angst, and that is probably the reason people use lead and follow as euphemisms for man and woman. [Read More]

Gavito Dixit

Gavito Dixit I ¿Bailaste el tango de tu vida esta noche? No bailes más… El tangauta #129 Gavito Dixit II El tango está entre paso y paso, allí donde se escuchan los silencios y cantan las musas. El tangauta #130 Gavito Dixit III El hombre debe saber que baila para ella,y al hacerlo, hace que ella se vea como una reina. Sólo así será el rey. El tangauta #131 [Read More]