Body parts

by Balakov Privates can be tough. Very useful, but tough. On our first trip to Buenos Aires, my wife and I took privates with Julio & Corina, and we worked on the basics. Of course. We learnt a lot, but it was so much to think about. So much we did wrong. So much to fix. For my own sake, it felt like they deconstructed my whole body, just to leave the parts on the floor. [Read More]

Go before it's too late

When should you go to Buenos Aires?I would say: as soon as possible. Go before it’s too late! You will gain nothing by waiting. You will not be good enough, anyway ;-) But do by all means go! If you wait until you are ready, you risk missing out on the entire thing. Going to milongas in your neighborhood, you will believe you improve to become a good dancer, and that you know what tango is about. [Read More]