Tango in popular culture

There is something about the word tango that seems to have a power in itself. Everybody seems to share the idea that tango is something special. Tango’s strong image in the public conscience is not quite the same as we tango addicts have, as we actually know the authentic tango culture and (I suppose) think of it when we hear the word. To a large degree, the image the general public has of tango is imposed from the depiction of tango in popular culture, and movies in particular. [Read More]

Film search

by?Auntie P Even after gathering quite a collection of tango movies, there are always some missing. Some are not available commercially, and that makes it hard. If anyone knows how to get any of these, I would be happy to know! Naked tango Flop (featuring Miguel Angel Zotto & Milena Plebs) Sur Tangos, exilio de Gardel Thanks to tango commuter for making me aware of the last two. [Read More]

Luna de Avellaneda

[caption id=“” align=“alignnone” width=“460” caption=““Castillo” singing at club “Luna de Avellaneda”“][/caption] Speaking of tango films, there are several films where tango is not a main theme, but with some interesting tango scenes. The film Luna de Avellaneda is quite nice, and stands out in that respect. For tango lovers, the opening scene is not to be missed, as it reconstructs the grand party of a community milonga in the golden age of tango. [Read More]

Tango Film Club

by atomicjeep I was planning to write a separate post for each of those, but I never seem to find the time… The recent posts by tangocommuter prompted me to write up this list of my favorite tango films. I never was all that interestesd in instructional videos, but films about the culture I find fascinating. In our small community we arranged public showings in an informal tango film club to make these gems available to the rest of the community. [Read More]