Simba tango on Facebook

facebook website screenshot by Spencer E Holtaway, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by  Spencer E Holtaway

If you already subscribe in some way or another, skip this post entirely. I added a facebook page for Simba tango in case you would like to get updates from this blog there.

Other subscription options include the rss feed, rss feed for all comments, email subscription via feedburner and twitter.

That’s all.

Technological advances in tango

by¬†carrotcreative I have to say I feel a bit like an oldie, writing this, but I am kind of old-school when it comes to tango, so I guess that’s ok.. I can’t help but notice how many things have changed since I first started with tango. Not the dance itself, but things around it. Technological changes that the newcomers in tango seem to take for granted, were simply not available only a few years back. [Read More]