The Perfect Embrace

by virgoh Of course, this is nothing new to tango dancers, but understanding the mechanisms is interesting: A caress feels best when it is delivered with a small amount of force and a speed of about 1 inch per second. Stroke slower, and it feels like an unwelcome crawling bug; faster, and it feels perfunctory rather than loving. Perform your caress not on the glabrous skin of the palm or sole, but on the hairy skin of the limbs where the caress sensing fibers are found. [Read More]

Three Fundamentals of Tango

by Peter Forret Whenever I hear the postulate that everything in tango is either a step forward, a step backwards or a side step, I get a little irritated. I know what they mean, and it’s not that it is entirely wrong, it’s rather that it is incomplete, and it tends to send people off in a very step oriented direction. But I have written about that before. [Read More]

Look! No hands!

by mag3737 There seems to be a common misunderstanding that you are not supposed to use your arms when dancing tango. That is wrong on so many levels. I can see where it comes from, as it is a common mistake among beginners to do try leading with their hands, and not using the rest of their bodies. But one thing is to make point to beginners and quite another to elevate it to a universal truth. [Read More]

Notes on a popular embrace

by Peter Forret I have seen quite a few dismissive comments of a certain embrace lately, someone calling it ‘Reaching for the man’s back pants pocket’-embrace just recently (in the comments, here). Which doesn’t sound very nice to me. I assume it is the one pictured above that is referred to, although I would have to say she is a little off if she is going for this pockets. [Read More]


Who are you when you are dancing? Are you the leader? The follower? The man? The woman? I was once confronted with my using the terminology man/woman in class. The person complaining said that she was dancing a role (she was dancing the man’s part) and that was the role of the leader. I know this easily gets messy, but I never liked the euphemism leader/follower when what we are talking about is a man and a woman in most cases. [Read More]

Putting the baby to sleep

I quite recently became a father, and the poor child is exposed to a lot of tango music, naturally. (And I get out to dance less, hence the blog writing.) Before he was born, I used to talk about how we would practice walking together, he and I. Now this is how it turned out: The scene: Unpatiant 12 days old boy, waiting for his mother to get ready for breast-feeding. [Read More]