Adiós Maestro

by Simba tango Friday morning brought more sad news from Buenos Aires. It is time to complete the biography of El “Turco” José Brahemcha. Another great milonguero is gone. He had been sick for a while, so in a sense it was no surprise, and we did wonder if we were ever to see him again as we parted for the last time from his apartment in Buenos Aires. [Read More]

"El Turco" José Brahemcha -- a short biography

El "Turco" José -- as he is commonly known -- was born in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Saavedra, July 17 1931. He was a dedicated bicycle rider when he was a kid, until his mother (who was a tango singer) suggested that he learn to dance "to get to know some girls". At the age of 16, he started to practice with his friends from his neighborhood in the house of one of them, where they had a gramophone player. [Read More]

'El Turco' José Brahemcha

I have only one great regret in tango, and that it not taking classes with Gavito. Of course there are others as well, but with Gavito we had the opportunity, we passed, and shame on us for it. Of course, at the time we simply didn’t know better. Determined not to make same mistake again, we decided to take our teachers’ advice and try to get in touch with the legendary ‘El Turco’ José. [Read More]