More De Caro

Danza y Movimiento have released anotherbatch of De Caro collections. In addition to the places they were available the last time, they are also available on Spotify (links below). I haven’t had time to listen carefully yet, but the few I have listened to seem to be transferred at the correct speed (unlike some of the older ones). Just in time for the upcoming día del tango. Enjoy: Mocosita (#153) [Read More]

DyM Online | Tango Classics

by Todd Binger I decided to check out the offerings of DyM a bit more closely after I noticed that some of them were available in lossless format from the French site Qobuz. I got a couple of De Caro compilations because they are hard to get by other places. These tracks are mostly from the late 20s and early 30s, so what I found out may or may not apply to other, later recordings issued in this series. [Read More]

Rare Tango Tracks Available in DyM's 'Tango Classics' Series

I just learnt that the German label Danza y Movimiento (DyM) are issuing a new series called Tango Classics. It is based on the collection of the collector Klaus Johns. There seems to be quite a few tracks not available elsewhere, for instance by Julio De Caro, so it should be worth checking out for all you serious collectors out there :-) Also listed at Unfortunately, they only offer mp3 downloads at the time, flac or some other lossless option would be very nice. [Read More]