Audio Myths

Now, this may be only remotely relevant to tango, but tango music and hence its reproduction is important for dancers and djs in particular, so here it goes. I think the lessons from this video are most relevant when it comes to making decisions about equipment such as sound cards for djing, lossless versus lossy encoding of music and quality of transfers and restorations. If you hang out at hydrogenaudio, this will all be familiar, but I have to say actually performing an abx was a humbling experience with regards to what I can and can’t hear. [Read More] cleaning up spy records on my mp3 tastes (1 by aldask, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by  aldask are finally cleaning up their metadata, or at least they have started. If you are on, why don’t you help out by voting for Rodolpho Biagi to redirect to Rodolfo Biagi? (follow the link to faulty spelling, vote at the bottom right). And while you are at it, if you are also a tango dj, why don’t join the group tangodj?

Information on tango music has gotten better lately, and a sample from top Pugliese tracks seems reasonable:

Top 40

by Ger Audrey I loved the think top 40 part of Alex’ rant after attending a festival. The dj should think hits, hits and more hits to please the dancers. And maybe throw in a little surprise. Not all the time, but we need a little variation. But in general, play the good stuff. People are not interested in you digging up some weird music that you think maybe will work for tango. [Read More]


by herval I just heard this story, and found it hilarious, about a dancer complaining to the dj. The conversation went something like this: -Ur music sux, man! -Allriiiight... which song would you like me to play? -! -Just name one song you would like me to play... -!! -Sooo... you don't actually know any songs, do you... Needless to say; before complaing, you ought to know what you are talking about. [Read More]

Volume adjustments for tango music

There was some discussion on the tangodj mailing list about the use of Replay Gain for tango music. I have used it for several years, and found it to be immensely useful. As you can see from the histogram above, the loudness of cd releases varies a lot, and Replay Gain makes automatic adjustments to make the loundess more or less the same. It does a lot better than I do, that’s for sure, and frees up time for the more interesting parts of the djing. [Read More]

Keine komische Musik

by emurray I was warned once in a milonga in Central Europe: We have to dance **now, **this is milonga, he won’t play much of it. Later there will only be _komische Musik _(comical music). This is the best excuse I have ever heard for asking someone (me) to dance! And she was right. The dj had no clue whatsoever and played a lot of – well, komische Musik. [Read More]