Confronting the Past

by willposh As tango lovers we want to love Argentina. But Argentina is a country with many problems and a difficult past, making it a country hard to love unconditionally. It was therefore good news to hear that now that the official Argentina finally faces the horrors of the dirty war, the last dictator of Argentina, Reynaldo Bignone, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison (also covered by the BBC & NYT). [Read More]

Salón Canning

I realize that the guys at Movement invites movement are not afraid of provocation, but I think they suffer a tiny bit from a syndrome often associated with Gringos, shooting from the waist. In their rant abot Canning, they fail to recognize a few important reasons Canning has such an important position. Aside from being one of the very best floors in the city (maybe the very best), it attracts many excellent dancers. [Read More]