Tango Vía in El Tangauta

by Leo Reynolds If youfound the Tango Vía project interesting, there is a full article in the current edition of El Tangauta (No 178). You can get the entire magazine as pdf if you register at their website. All quotes are from English version of the interview in that edition. In addition, there is a lot of interesting reading on the Tango Vía project’s web site (in Spanish) about how they do the digital copies. [Read More]

--A labour of love that needs more lovers

by alexkerhead Man of action. Man of ambition: [Tango Vía](http://www.tangovia.org/), the organization this tango double-bass player from the famous [Orquesta El Arranque](http://www.orquestaelarranque.com.ar) presides, is up to nothing less than archiving every single tango recording in a super-high definition, archive-grade digital format, following strict technical processing that will drastically enhance the sound quality to make it an almost-perfect match to the pristine original. [Buenos Aires Herald](http://buenosairesherald.com/PrintedEdition/View/4262) Wonder how we could help them succeed with this project, arranging some sort of fund raiser or something? [Read More]