The Resistance

by mirsasha Tangocommuter is constructive and a man of action. Simba likes that. Following up on his own idea to distribute the homage to the milongueros, he has created a flyer, and I am happy to host it here at The challenge is, in his own words: (...) print out a lot of copies, with an attractive picture, perhaps that of the entrance to Sin Rumbo, so that it looks like a regular leaflet, to leave on the table at the entry of every milonga we go to… Quietly sneaking in a little education in the milongas. [Read More]

Homenaje a los milongueros

by Simba tango As you enter the cathedral of tango, the milonga Sin Rumbo, among the things hanging on the wall is this piece written by Marisa Galindo as a homage to the milongueros. It may serve as guiding principles or ideals for all tango dancers: Los milongueros… son quienes saben hacer la ronda son quienes un oido musical increible son los que conocen cada orquesta y a sus cantores y a veces cantan despacito al oído. [Read More]

The code

by anthonygrimley It can be difficult to learn tango. In addition to learning to know the music, leading and following and the basic vocabulary, there are the rules. So many rules to remember. Or codigos, as some prefer to call them. Codigos de la milonga. And there are some that think way too much attention devoted to these “rules”. Ancient rules from Buenos Aires, we can manage very well without them, thankyouverymuch. [Read More]

Yes honey, but is it tango?

Roy Lichtenstein: Girl with Ribbon (1965) There is always a lot of fuzz in the tango communities of the world about what is the right tango. And rightly so. There is good and there is bad tango. But in the middle of these heated arguments, we need to remind ourselves of one thing. Tango culture is rich. There is a lot of diversity in tango. Tango is not only dance. It is also music for listening. [Read More]