Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

by hdeb89 I was dancing a nice tanda with a friend of a friend, and while it was not exactly my favorite music, we were doing fine. We were having a good time. There were lots of people dancing, nobody got hurt, and we were dancing peacefully among the other couples. So far so good… I appreciated the festival organizers’ effort to give some extra credit to the djs. [Read More]


by herval I just heard this story, and found it hilarious, about a dancer complaining to the dj. The conversation went something like this: -Ur music sux, man! -Allriiiight... which song would you like me to play? -! -Just name one song you would like me to play... -!! -Sooo... you don't actually know any songs, do you... Needless to say; before complaing, you ought to know what you are talking about. [Read More]

Keine komische Musik

by emurray I was warned once in a milonga in Central Europe: We have to dance **now, **this is milonga, he won’t play much of it. Later there will only be _komische Musik _(comical music). This is the best excuse I have ever heard for asking someone (me) to dance! And she was right. The dj had no clue whatsoever and played a lot of – well, komische Musik. [Read More]