From 'Band Union' to bandoneón?

by Rüdis Fotos What is the origin of the word bandoneón? Two competing theories exist. They both agree that the instrument is somehow named after the assumed inventor, Heinrich Band. The name ‘Band Union’ was used by Heinrich Band and partners, and it got mispronounced and reinterpreted in Argentina as bandoneón. The name was invented by Band or others based on the naming of other instruments such as the accordion, Band + ion was transformed into bandonion, which in turn became bandoneón in Argentina. [Read More]

El otro camino

by i_gallagher Una vez, tocando con una pequeña orquesta en la escuela de música popular -- eran estudiantes; yo me sentí, tocando con ellos, me sentí cómodo. Pero físicamente cómodo, como cuando uno se siente con la ropa de entrecasa. Y dije: "¿Que me pasa? Y de pronto, la orquesta estaba tocando, esa orquesta de la escuela en un concierto y salen a bailar algunas personas. Y yo ví eso y dije: " [Read More]

3 x Squeezebox

¡Che, bandoneón! by Simba tango, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  Simba tango

Maybe it it time to go back to Debian. Then I could listen to Aníbal playing the squeezebox (by Arnold), streamed to my squeezebox (by Slim Devices/Logitech) from my squeezebox (running Debian).